SHENZHEN MIGNTE TECH CO.LTD. attended ITE2017( Iran Transaction Exhibition) as an exporter

Source: Website: Date: 2017-11-10

  It has also received tremendous support from the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran Bank Research Institute, Tehran municipal government, Iran Bankers Association.

  Iran is one of the main economies in Asia. Iran's economic strength is the seventh in Asia, and China is Iran's largest trading partner. In the "the Belt and Road" strategic plan, Iran is in a transit position, and any roads, railways, oil and gas pipelines and communications networks built by China from east Asia to Europe will benefit Iran. So it is imperative to develop the Iranian market.

  The exhibition of Ming brand publicity in the Iranian city of science and technology affect serious, Ming technology card payment attracts many visitors stop to inspect equipment products, booth visitors an endless stream, the company also take this opportunity to talk with Iran on the client for the further discussion, and visit the local customers, to customer demand and Iran market have a better understanding.

  This exhibition is of significant importance for MINGTE to create loyal brand advocacy in Iran. The card payment equipments of MINGTE attracted many visitors, which also allowed the company to have further discussion with clients. We also visited local customers and gained a better understanding of market Iran.