SHENZHEN MINGTE TECH CO., LTD. Participated in the 2018 Frence Smart Card Exhibition

Source: Website: Date: 2018-12-06




Participated in the 2018 Frence Smart Card  Exhibition 


On November 27-29, 2018,  the world's most popular smart card and pay professional exhibition was held in Riviera, Cannes, France. SHENZHEN MINGTE TECH CO., LTD. attended this exhibition.


This exhibition is organized by the French Golden Beauty Exhibition Group, which is the largest exhibition in the industry. The French Smart Card Fair, which began in 1985, is the largest professional exhibition of smart cards and payment in the world. It has developed into the most influential exhibition in the frontier industries of mobile payment, smart identification and payment security, and financial technology.


According to official statistics, the 2017 exhibition attracted 302 enterprises from more than 130 countries, including France, the United States, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Canada and India. Successful in the professional field, it is the largest professional exhibition in the world, and it is very famous in the world.           


Based on the influence and advantages of SHENZHEN MINGTE TECH CO., LTD. technology products and market in payment terminals, our company has participated in this exhibition for many times in succession. The purpose is to take advantage of this opportunity and continue to expand the company's international payment terminal market. And in the past two years, according to the market and industry demand, the company continuously develops new products. We need to use the platform of this exhibition to promote new products to more enterprises in need. 


At the same time, we also took the opportunity to visit, meet with exhibitors in the industry and actively explore more potential customers.


 (Picture: Booth Communication)

 (Picture: Exhibition Booth )