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Warmly celebrate Mingte Tech. Co. T participated in the 8th Shenzhen International Charging Station(Piles) Equipment Exhibition

Source: Website: Date: 2017-06-21

This exhibition not only help our company enhance the communication between the companies from the same field, but also get more opportunities to discuss with clients, which can lead us to a better product development direction.For both the participant companies and the clients, this exhibition is certainly a win-win activity.


Our detailed preparations by our colleagues from different departments made a all-around basis for participating the activity, which will have long-term and excellent influence for the development of our company.


During this exhibition, we have learned more deeply about the products of the same field and learned much information the current market situation, which can stimulate our colleagues to communicate and cooperate to design much more market-leading products. In addition, we have gotten more opportunities to communicate with our clients face to face, which can motivate us to complete the contract more quickly and reliably, and help us to grasp the customers real demand.


As a whole, this activity help us the make a correct and hopeful market location. We will try hard to meet out clients need.


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