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MT625V502f3 ID Card and Finance ID Card Reader Module, A model of convenience and simplicity

Source: Website: Date: 2017-06-05

In June, 2017, our company show the new product ID card and Finance IC card reader, model number is MT625V502f3. This product has wide range of application fields, such as finance electricity, telecommunication, transportation, petrifaction and other industrial terminal equipment. This product is different from other similar products in the market for the has the double function as one machine, which simplify the operation process and can do more job during the same period of time. Before we create the product, we have made a serial of market investigation and data analyses. According to the customers’ requirement and the market demand, our development team have large amount of discussions about it to create this safe, reliable and convenient product.

Product Features:

♦ USB interface, PCSC communication protocol, and the concrete command definitions show in MT625V5 RF card reader communication protocol V1.0

♦ Support type A/B card reading and writing which is compliant with ISO14443 standard.

♦ Support type A/B card reading and writing which is compliant with ISO7816 standard.

♦ Meet the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security file Interface technology specifications of  Resident ID card verification safety controlling module(GA467-2013). Design with the safe SAM.